Windows Mobile Pocket PC software – applications – programs

Here is a list of useful and must have software for your Windows Mobile phone – Pocket PC with comments of why you should get each program. Bookmark this page and come back again later since the list will be updated regularly. Please send your suggestions for other software to be included in the list and other comments to contact <at> rightinfonow <dot> com.

Acrobat Reader

Must Have program to be able to read PDF files. Free program.


Very good music/voice media player with a lot of settings and nice skins. For example an IPod-like skin (called “mypod”). Free program.

Noni GPSPlot

In combination with a GPS reciever in your Windows Mobile phone/Pocket PC, this very nice program can plot the way you have walked/driven/moved. Both the directions and altitude. It also tells you have far you have walked/driven/moved in what time. There is also a compass with your current direction. Among a lot of other things you can also get to know your current speed and altitude. Lots of settings. Must have software! And best of all, it’s for free!

Opera Mobile

Internet browser that is much faster and better than Pocket Internet Explorer. Not for free.

PIM Backup

Very nice and free backup software for your Windows Mobile phone/pocket PC.

Resco Photo Viewer

Good program for showing and working with your photos.

Skype for Pocket PC

Great for your PC and even greater for your Pocket PC since you can make phone calls over the internet for free when you have a wireless LAN available instead of calling through your ofte exspensive mobile operator. Free software.

SPB Backup

The best backup software for your Windows Mobile phone/Pocket PC. Very easy to use. Not for free though.

SPB Mobile Shell

Very nice GUI plug-in for your Windows Mobile phone/Pocket PC making it look much nicer and easier to use. Commercial software.

SPB Time

Nice “time applicaion” that has functionality so that you easily can use your phone as an alarm clock. Possible to have several alarms active at the same time. MP3 alarm songs support. Alarm can be set to ring loudly even if the unit is mute. Timer functionality with possibility to use several timers at the same time. Commercial software.

SPB Phone Suite

Not as important as SPB Mobile Shell but nice to use partly if you want to see missed calls, incomming SMS, incomming MMS, incomming voice mails and incomming mails in a nice way on the today screen. It can also show a symbol on the today screen to easily get to a pimped version of the wireless settings. Can also set different sound profiles directly from the today screen. Useful program but not a must have. Commercial software.

TCPMP 0.72 RC1

Very clean and good media player for movies. With the “Raw FrameBuffer” setting, movies that are impossible to watch with Windows Media Player due to hardware limits have good chances to be viewable. Often much better frame rate for movies compared with other Media Players. Must have program and for free!


Very nice program when you want to see as much as possible in the best possible way of your calendar appointments and tasks on the today screen. A lot of settings and a must have if you use the calendar a lot on you Windows Mobile phone/Pocket PC.

TomTom Navigator

Not the best looking GPS navigation program but very fast, clean and clear that makes a small footprint on your device.

Total Commander

File manager for your mobile device. We are many that never use Windows Explorer on our PC’s due to that Total Commander is so much better and easier to use with a lot more feature. It’s the same with Total Commander for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC. Also have network support so you can work with files on you PC from you Pocket PC, copy files, move files etc to and from your device. Must have software for your mobile device and for free!


Gives you the possibility to easily switch between opened programs on your mobile device just as on you Windows PC’s task bar. Also adds functionality to realy close programs, not just minimize them. Also including a program start manager. Nice program.

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