Translate Drupal front page with internationalization (i18n) installed

Problem: You want a custom front page on your Drupal site and you want it to work correctly when translated into different languages with the Drupal internationalization module i18n installed. There are many more or less complicated ways described on the internet how to achieve this when it’s actually very simple.

Translate your Drupal site’s front page

Here is a step-by-step guide:

Create the front page in the default language

  1. Create a new page with the content of your front page written in the default language of your Drupal web site. In this case we assume it is English.
  2. Make sure to choose “English” in the Language drop-down-box.
  3. Write “home” (or something else) in the URL path settings field (if the URL path settings field is not shown, learn how to enable it here).
  4. Save the page.

Translate the front page to some other installed language

  1. Click on the “Translate” tab of the front page you just created above.
  2. Click “add translation” of any installed language, in this case we assume Swedish.
  3. Write the content of your front page in this language.
  4. Important: write “home” in the URL path settings field also here or to be clear, EXACTLY THE SAME url alias as of your English front page described above.
  5. Save the page.

Change the setting of your site’s default front page

  1. Go to Administer->Site configuration->Site information,
  2. Important: write “home” in the Default front page field or to be clear, EXACTLY THE SAME url alias as of your English and Swedish front page described above.
  3. Save the configuration.

Done! www.<your-domain>.com will now show correct front page in two different languages. Use the same pattern to add front pages in other installed languages. To check out the result, click on the Righ Info Now . com link in the top left corner of this site as we have done it as described here!

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