Laptop noise / fan noise

Here we present one of the most common reasons for laptop noise/laptop fan noise and how to get rid of the noise.

Solution for laptop noise/laptop fan noise

If your laptop has begun making a lot of noise (fan noise) and the noise wasn’t there when you first bought your laptop, chances are high that the cooling system of your laptop simply is full of dust.

When the cooling fan and/or cooling air inlet/outlet and/or cooling radiotor is full of dust, effective cooling is just not possible. Cooling systems of some laptop models, like for example the HP/Compaq 8510, are very sensitive to dust and will speed up the fan considerably to try to cool down the laptop. Resulting in a lot of fan noise of course.

Laptop noise
Dust can cause laptop noise

Clean the cooling parts – get rid of the noise!

To get rid of the fan noise, simply clean all cooling parts from dust. The cooling fan, cooling air inlet/outlet, cooling radiator and cooling sink. But how?

The first easy attempt: Blow hard into the cooling fan air inlets and outlets. Chances are good that the fan noise decreases immediately.

Second more serious attempt: Open up your laptop (be careful!) by for instance, depending of model, removing the keyboard usually by removing a couple of screws on the back of the laptop and maybe some locking straps on the front. Then remove all dust you can see by for instance blowing hard on and around the cooling parts mentioned above. Note: Saliva and laptop electronics is not a good combination so be distinct but careful. Good luck!

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  1. Instead of blowing air with your mouth, a much better option is to use a can of compressed air to blow through the laptop air vents. You can find one of those cans at your local hardware store.

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