Install SublimeClang in Sublime Text 3

This HowTo explains how  you install SublimeClang in Sublime Text 3 (ST3)

Using SublimeClang in Sublime Text 3

  1. Download sublimeClang through git to the packages folder of Sublime Text 3
     a) git clone --recursive SublimeClang
     b) cd SublimeClang
     c) git pull && git submodule foreach --recursive git pull origin master
  2. Download the SublimeClang-1.0.41.sublime-package from and rename it to
  3. Extract the zip-file and copy libclang.dll and libcache.dll (if you use a 32-bit version of Sublime Text 3) or libclang_x64.dll and libcache_x64.dll (if you use a 64-bit verision of Sublime Text 3) into “SublimeClang\internals” in the package folder of Sublime Text 3.
  4. Configure SublimeClang settings file as needed. See examples in Preferences -> Package Settings -> SublimeClang -> Settings – Default.
  5. Restart Sublime Text 3 and code completion should work if your settings are correct (see step 4).


    1. Hi anand. The instruction is tested on Windows and considering the steps involved it should not work on Mac as is. But hopefully it can point the Mac user in the right direction.

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