Google Pixel 3 call quality issues – Google doesn’t care

They are all over the web. Google Pixel 3 users having serious call quality issues with their expensive devices. Google has confirmed the issue right? Wrong! Google is dead silent about it. This is because the call quality issue is something new right? Wrong! It has been reported for halv a year now. As a matter a fact since Google released the Pixel 3. So basically the issue has been there since the very beginning.

The Google Pixel 3 phone cannot be used as a phone

Thousands and thousands of Google Pixel 3 users experiences call drop outs, the person at the other end cannot hear anything, thin sound, robot like sound etc. etc. making the phone unusuable as a, well… phone.

Reports of major Google Pixel 3 phone issues all over the web but Google doesn’t care.

There are reports over the web that people cannot actually use their Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL devices as phones (!). But Google is dead silent and doesn’t care. And as usual nobody can reach Google since there are no contact information, no support numbers no nothing. Google is by far one of the most non transparent companies ever and this issue proves it again.

We were about to bye Pixel 3 phones but the way Google has (not) handled this case makes us go with the Samsung Galaxy S10 instead.

Som links showing how wide spread the issue with Google Pixel 3 is

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