Galaxy Nexus camcorder / camera file size

Since the Galaxy Nexus has no SD card slot and rather limited internal memory storage size (16 GB for the HSDPA+ version) it is interesting how much 1080p video recordings (recorded with the Galaxy Nexus itself) you can save on the Galaxy Nexus device.

Galaxy Nexus camcorder/camera file size – MB/s and GB/hour

The Galaxy nexus uses about 1,16 MB of storage per second of recorded film material. That is 1,16 x 60 x 60 = 4176 MB of storage per hour of recordings. That is about 4,2 GB per hour of filming.

If you could use all of the 16 GB internal storage size of the Galaxy Nexus (which of course is not possible due to storage needings of ICS, apps etc) you can store about 3,8 GB of recorded 1080p films as a maxium on the device. About 3 hours of film is more reasonable in real life use.

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