HowTo pronounce Xamarin

Xamarin is a development platform, nowadays owned by Microsoft, with which you can develop native apps for Android, Windows and Ios, all at once. That is, you use the same code base. Code once – deploy for all. The development is done in C# and Xamarin in is today a part of Visual Studio. But how do you pronounce Xamarin?

This is how you pronounce Xamarin

Xamarine is pronounced as if the name started with an S instead of an X. That is like it was called “Samarin”. Phonetically, Xamarin is pronounced as: [‘zæmərɪn].

Or rather you one could say that Xamarin is pronounced like it started with a Z. Like it was called “Zamarin”. Anyhow, it is common that people pronounce Xamarin as “Eksamarin”, which is wrong. One can of course wonder why a name is chosen for a development platform that is so easy to pronounce in a wrong way. But maybe the founders of Xamarin just have an odd sense of humor and think it is funny that people has a hard time pronouncing it.